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Why would you register for an online poker room account? Definitely, to win big payouts and bonuses. Now, when it comes to rewards, many well-seasoned players would attest that finding a site that is ready to lavish you with hefty promotions and offers is a little daunting. However, amongst the vast array of sites on the internet, there are some that are ready to equip their players with everything they need to win by coupling up exclusive gaming experience with hefty bonuses. This means that looking a little harder for a site that would meet all your gaming needs often pays off. More often than not, poker sites lavish their new players with hefty sign-up bonuses. However, as one climbs up the loyalty ladder, they get to qualify for even so much more rewarding offers and promotions. If you are a rookie in the world of poker, you might want to educate yourself on some of the bonuses inherent in poker so that you can make the most out of them.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome package is one of the essential types of gifts given to the player as soon as the complete that sign-up process. Some sites might choose to offer you some no deposit bonus. This means that as soon as you complete the registration process, your playing account shall be loaded with a no-deposit, virtual bonus even if you haven’t deposited any money. Some sites might offer no deposit games; this means that you can test drive games at the poker room without having to make a dent in your deposit amount. Some sites might also choose to offer initial deposit bonuses; this means that some of your initial deposits are coupled up with rewards. After getting the reload bonuses, you get to play games with an amount so much more than the one you deposited.

VIP Club Rewards

No site does not reward the players for staying loyal and gaming regularly therein. In some instances, some sites offer their players player points every time they deposit money and play games. The more you stake, the more the points you earn. Apart from the real cash and favors dished out to VIP players, one also gets to qualify for some lucrative offers and promotions such as freerolls when they are on top of the loyalty ladder.


This is one promotion that is renowned in the world of poker. It is a promotional tournament in which you get entered into by the site free of charge. With the freerolls, you are eligible for some hefty wins and other lucrative giveaways.

Cashing Your Poker Bonuses

Usually, players don’t receive their poker bonuses straight away; they have to meet some requirements as stipulated by the T&Cs of the site. Be sure to check the terms and conditions first.

Clearing Your Bonus

One characteristic of poker bonuses is that they often expire after some time. So, you might want to clear it in time. You can either play more than one table at a time or raise your stakes. This way, you will increase your prospects of earning big while increasing your player points, which is excellent!

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