Different Ranks in Poker Game

19 August 2017
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In poker if the player has five cards then it is considered to hand of poker. Then all cards are ranked individually. Overall rank is used for determining the winner of the game. Cards are ranked from high to low. Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 this way the cards are ranked in poker hand. The value of all suits is equal.

1. Royal Flush:

Royal flush is considered to be the highest rank in poker.  In royal flush you will find cards like Ace, King, Queen, Jack, ten and all these cards will be in one suit only.

2. Straight flush:

In straight flush you will find 5 cards in a sequence.  Straight fun consist of cards like 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 all heart cards. In straight flush player with highest card will win the game. Lowest straight flush cards are 5, 4, 3, 2, A. If have cards like 3, 2, a, K, Q then it is not a straight flush.

3. Four of a kind:

If you have four cards of same numeric value then it is considered to be four of a kind. 5th card has to be different card.  If the numeric value of your four cards is high then you will be declared as the winner of the game.

4. Full house:

Full house consists of 3 cards of same numerical value and other two cards of other numerical value. The set that has highest value is considered to be the winner of the game. This game is called as sixes full or sixes on two.

5. Flush:

Flush consist of five different cards in a sequence. In flush player with the highest rank is considered to be the winner of the game. Top card will be compared with second highest card. If first and second cards are of same rank then third card’s rank will be taken into consideration.

6. Straight:

Straight consist of 5 cards in sequence.  In this straight the suits of cards are different. The player with highest rank will win the game easily.

7. Three of a kind:

Three cards is a game in which the players play game with three different cards. The numerical value of two cards has to be same. These set of cards are known as triplet or trips.

8. Two Pair:

In two pair you will find that the numeric value of two cards is same. Player will highest pair of cards will be declared as the winner of the game.

9. Single pair:

In single pair you will find that two cards are of same numeric value and other three cards will have other numeric value. The pair with highest value will win the poker game. There are will comparison between highest values of cards.

10. High card:

If the players are not having combination of cards then the player who has highest rank will get a chance to win poker game. a comparison will be made between different ranks. If first and second cards are of similar rank then third card will be taken into consideration.

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